The Difference

What is the difference between Realline and other brands?

Have you ever tried using salt water to test your golf ball?

When you put the golf ball inside salt water, the ball will always float in a certain way. The reason this happens is because every golf ball, no matter how perfect they look from the outside, has a center of gravity that imbalances the ball from heavy point and light point. 

Every major golf company knows this but most of the consumers who buys their product doesn't. If the major company knows this, why won't they fix it? Well, that would be an additional manufacturing process in order to test each ball before marking it so in order to save themselves from adding an additional process, they skip it to save money and mark the line randomly around a ball without having any real purposes.

That's where we come in. Our factory and manufacturing process does NOT skip the step and actually test every single ball that are manufactured. Then we mark the directional line exactly at the center of the gravity so every golfer will know where to hit and gain full potential of the ball. This itself is important because it will allow you to gain further distance and fly straighter without any diversions.


So don't get fooled. Try Realline and own the field.